It's All Red


It's All Red is a Brazilian melodic thrash metal band from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul. Formed in 2007, the group has released three albums: Vicious Words From The Heart (2007), The Natural Process Of ... (2010) and Lead By The Blind (2015). Definitely, “predictable” is not a word in the band’s career. The Brazilian band has improved its compositions and live performances over the years, serving as opening act for bands like Megadeth, Cavalera Conspiracy and Paul Di’Anno. The album Lead By The Blind, released in September of 2015, received positive reviews from the press worldwide, which made the band featured among the 20 best metal bands from Brazil in 2015, according to the site Whiplash (the biggest rock/metal website from Brazil). It’s All Red has won important prizes with Lead By The Blind, including best band and best album (Heavy'n’Roll blog, Rio Grande do Sul). From Headbangers Latinoamerica (Chilean heavy metal website), the album was featured among the best releases from Latin America at the year.
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